24 Hours Plumber Near Me: Help is on the Way, Do these Before We Arrive


Are you facing a pipe burst? Don’t worry, as it is a common problem that many property owners face. Getting a 24 hours plumber near you should be the next thing to do. Waiting for a specific plumber may cause damage to your home and properties before they arrive.

First off, never panic as you’ll never get anything done that way. Reach out to Dover Plumbing – the best emergency plumbers in the Dover, Kent area. We are available around the clock and one of our emergency plumbers will get to you at the earliest.

In the meantime, here are some things you can do to give a temporary fix for the problem, so the pipe burst doesn’t damage your house extensively.

Identify the leak

As a first step, identify where the leak is coming from. Is it coming from a single hole or multiple ones? How big are these holes?

Search and keep this information handy. As soon as our 24 hours plumber nearby arrives, you can point to the source of the problem and it will be fixed right away. This saves the time it will take our plumber to search and find the leaking holes.

Keep a blueprint of the plumbing system

Keep the blueprint of your plumbing system handy in case our plumber wants to take a look at it. This will also save some valuable time for you as you can do the searching part while the plumber is on his way.

Close the main valve

To prevent extensive damage to your house, close the main valve. Though it can be inconvenient for a few minutes because water will not come through any pipe, it is still better than having a flooded home.

But to do this, you should know where the main valve is located.


As soon as you move into a house, look for these things and even make a note of their location in a safe place. This small action can be a big saver for your property.


Temporary fixes

If you have located the source of the leak, trying to seal it with temporary fixes that can include waterproof tape or even an old piece of rubber that is glued down with a sealant. If you can come up with other unique ways, that’s good too.

Just make sure to seal the leak as soon as possible as this can save some valuable water for you and will also reduce the damage to your property.

Once our experienced plumber arrives, you’re in safe hands. They are all experienced and knowledgeable, so they can fix the problem right away. In fact, many times they will know the problem and its cause as soon as they see a leak.

Moreover, plumbers our come with the latest equipment and all that is needed to fix the problem.

All these means, do the above-mentioned things to reduce the leak rate and the associated damage. By that time, an experienced plumber will be at your door-step to take care of the rest. You can then sit back and relax as the plumbing issue will be resolved at the earliest.